Nhematronics offers you appliances that make your home interior unique and stylish

Do it better

Bake perfect cookies every time. Simple and enjoyable with the extensive range of built-in cooking options available.

Family Moments

Perfectly roasted chicken, topped with mouth-watering veggies and lots of smiles, now isnít that how you bring a family together?

Safari Moments

Our big red DEFY 5 Burner Gas Stove experiencing epic views in Mozambique.

Hisense 300

water dispenser

no frost

multi air flow system

Defy 385l

water dispenser

double door fridge

multi air flow system

microwave 28l

LED display

5 Power levels

Mirror door

Defy Bar Fridge

Static cooling tech

Reversible Doors

Interior light

DEFY 621 Stove

4 Solid plates

5 function selector switch

Warmer Drawer

Zero 215l Gas/Elec Chest Freezer


Portable Air Conditioner

Gas / Electric

Our Catalogue Capabilities

Happy Clients
Modern design


" I liked the customer service i received from Nhematronics even after making my purchase.

Mai Bee

" I've known the guys at Nhematronics for a very long time and I can testify that they stand a chance against Muhammed Mussa.


" The owers of Nhematronics are so particular about quality and uniqueness. Their products are real, different and satisfactory.


New Arrivals

XT880 is a Ultra HDTV (4x resolution of Full HD) with every about every feature know to man including a pencil thin 7mm bezel...

Bosch speed ovens can be combined with Bosch wall ovens to be installed flush either in a vertical, or horizontal layout.......

Mini bar fridge suitable for use in accommodation venues, hotels and workplaces, market proven since 2009, we use Japanese....